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C2 Converting Summit 2018
June 27-29, 2018
in Hamburg, Germany

AIMCAL R2R Conference USA 2018
October 28-31, 2018
in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

High-efficiency Machines and Lines for the Production of Floor Coverings Highest

Efficiency for your Production

More than 60 years of experience and an own technical centre have made Olbrich the first choice for production lines of flexible floor coverings. The first 4 m and 5 m wide coating line for heterogeneous PVC coverings worldwide and the introduction of the consequent in-line production – from the substrate up to the saleable packaged roll – are only a few of the ground breaking milestones we have set for the floor covering industry.

For the efficient production of flexible floor coverings Olbrich is your competent partner for all process steps today: from the product structure via the surface finishing up to converting the product into a roll ready for sale.

Our Customers‘ Products

  • Heterogeneous floor coverings
  • Homogeneous floor coverings
  • CV flooring
  • Safety flooring
  • Acoustic flooring
  • Sports flooring coverings
  • Design flooring / LVT
  • PVC-free flooring
  • VCT
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber flooring

Line Concepts

  •     Coating lines
  •     Printing lines
  •     Laminating lines
  •     Embossing lines
  •     Lacquering lines
  •     Tempering lines
  •     Winding and packaging lines
  •     Complete in-line lines and planning of factories


  • Knife coaters for direct coating. Doctor bar equipped with up to 3 coating knives for shortest-possible changeover times
  • Combined knife coaters with additional take-off roller for both direct and indirect coating technology in one machine
  • Reverse roll coaters for thin coats and special applications
  • Designs with heated rollers and heated knives for the coating of high-viscosity compounds, such as hot melts, APP and, e.g. bitumen for coating the back-side of carpets
  • Automatic, motorised gap adjustments by formulation-control systems for excellent repeatability of machine settings
  • Paste-feeding systems which can be designed as static system with fixed piping and a quick-change system or as dynamic system with automatic traverse motion


  • Pre-gelling units with heated gelling drums for a perfectly smooth printing basis
  • Operating modes of the pressure contact roller with pressure regulation, gap regulation or both
  • Optional with upstream infrared heating fields for optimised impregnation of the substrate and for increased efficiency of the complete system
  • With quick-change system for a quick adaptation of the working widths of the pressure roller
  • With downstream smoothing / embossing calenders for further surface effects, such as scattered-in design chips or 3-D printing effects
  • Housing of the entire machinery for safe operation and extraction of vapours


  • Offline printing lines for high printing speeds
  • Inline printing lines with up to 12 printing heads for flying design changes during ongoing production
  • Doctor chamber system for reduced ink consumption
  • Quick adjustment of working widths by means of a revolving turret for up to 4 impression rollers
  • Digital presetting of the registration system
  • Latest servo drive technology for each head with integrated registration technology
  • High-efficiency drying systems

Drying / Gelling

  • Heating of the recirculated air by thermal oil, steam or natural gas
  • High precision of air temperature and air speed to achieve perfect drying and foaming results
  • Combined or separate upper and lower air control for gelling and fusion of the entire product structure in a single pass through the line
  • Customer-specific concepts for the exhaust-air treatment, including heat-recovery technologies
  • Specific material-transport systems with belts or rollers throughout the oven
  • The original Olbrich roller-conveyer technology for gentle material transport


  • Line concepts for highest-possible efficiency for multi-layer structures
  • Precise temperature control systems for the individual film properties
  • Exact control of the nip pressure
  • Reliable web guiding and web-tension regulation
  • Mechanical surface embossing can be integrated
  • Non-stop design changes during the production run
  • Short changeover times in combination with automatic winding systems
  • Highest-possible repeat accuracy by digital controls and the formulationcontrol system


  • Horizontal or vertical web guiding
  • Optional embossing or smoothing operations
  • Back-side and top-side embossing
  • Single-roller or multi-roller embossers as turret embossers for the shortest-possible changeover times
  • Temperature-control systems for best-possible energy efficiency
  • Operating mode with a pressure-control system, a gap-control system or both


  • Coating of the material all over the surface or in register with highperformance lacquer systems as topcoats for the floor covering
  • Processing of water-based-, solvent-based- or 100 % solid UV-lacquer-systems
  • Application technology for direct and / or indirect coating
  • Forward or reverse coating systems
  • Twin coating systems for quick product changes
  • Specific lacquer-recirculation and -heating systems with integrated cleaning program
  • Fully automated gap and pressure control for highest-possible repeatability in combination with formulation-control system


  • Design of annealing ovens and product relaxation sections according to individual product requirements
  • Relaxation of internal stresses by means of a specific temperature profile
  • Maximum heat-transfer rates for highest energy efficiency
  • Transport systems for a low-stress material transport

Winding and Packaging

  • Inline solutions for highest-possible efficiency; integrated into the main production line
  • Offline solutions tailor-made to the customer’s specifications
  • Fully automated winding machines with automated core insertion and automated start of winding sequence
  • Specific winding parameters for web-tension control and perfectly straight roll edges
  • Fully automated machine adjustments of the working widths
  • Flying changeover from a 4 m production width to a production width of 2 x 2 m
  • Optimisation software for cutting scripts and roll lengths
  • Fully automated packing lines for craft paper or film wrapping

Drive and Control Technology

  • All switch plants are designed and built by Olbrich and thus optimally suit your machines
  • With extended formulation functions and formulation administration for quick product changes upon operator`s request
  • Modernisation of existing or outdated drive and control technology, even of third-party products