Olbrich exhibits:

Afera Annual Conference 2018
October 3-5,2018
in Athens, Greece

43th Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium 2018
October 22-24, 2018
in Munich, Germany

AIMCAL R2R Conference USA 2018
October 28-31, 2018
in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Individual Solutions for the Production of High-Quality Self-Adhesive Film / Foil and Paper

Flexible Systems for Highest Demands.

Olbrich is one of the major suppliers of production lines for the finishing of films and papers - and for good reason - Olbrich lines set standards both in efficiency and with regard to the flexibility of applications.
Olbrich coating lines can quickly be changed over from one product to another. Thus a great variety of coating processes can be applied and down-times are minimised.
For the finishing of high-quality films and papers, production machinery of the highest technological standard is required. Olbrich offers customer-oriented technology, taking into account the complete production process, from the perspective of production conditions, environmental aspects and logistics.
From individual winders, coating and printing / lacquering units, drying and curing ovens right up to complex coating lines, we supply you with a customized, high quality and easily maintained production systems.
This is advanced technology for the film and paper industry.

Our Customers‘ Products

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Protective films
  • Films for the packaging industry and the sanitary industry
  • Primary material for labels
  • Films for the photo-voltaic industry
  • Composite films for the printing industry
  • Films for the electrical industry, displays
  • Films for the automotive industry
  • Films for the construction industry and building technology

Line Concepts

  • Coating- and laminating lines
  • Coating- and laminating lines for hot melt systems
  • Lines for clean room application 
  • Laboratory- and pilot plants

Unwinders and Rewinders

for discontinuous operation. Flexible design to customers`requirements.

Working width: 250 mm to 3.500 mm
Speed (mech.): 1 m / min - 200 m / min
Roll diameter: up to 1.500 mm
Core holding: 3" and 6", cantilever or bilaterial bearing arrangement
Splicing device: Manual (butt-) splice, concept with material accumulator for continous line operation

Turret Winder

for continous line operation. With automatic roll change.

Working width: 800 mm to 3.500 mm
Speed (mech.): 50 m / min - 800 m / min
Roll diameter: up to 1.500 mm
Core holding: 3" and 6", without spindle or with expansion shafts
Splicing device: Dependent on the product requirements pneumatic or motorised hammer shears, circulating knife chain, rotary knife, feeding without wrapping (rewinder)
Special equipment: Orbital function for turret rewinder
Accessories: Side adjustment (web edge control) residual length optimisation (unwinder) automatic loading and unloading

Contact and Circumferential Rewinder

for the winding of surface-sensitive and tension-sensitive films and papers, of foam films and composite materials. Machine concept to the customers´requirements.

Working width: 300 mm to 3.500 mm
Speed (mech.): 20 m/min - 500 m / min
Roll lengths: From 10 m to 2.000 m, dependent on the material thickness
Operation: With and without core if necessary, with automatic core feeding and roll end fixing with downstream roll packaging
Splicing device: Dependent on the product requirements rotary crosscutting for continous operation, vertical hammer shears, circulating knife chain, rotary knife, feeding without wrapping by roll cradle of feeding device (belts)
Accessoires: Automatic unloading of rolls

Rewinding, Inspection and Laminating Machines

with single-station unwinders and laminating and delaminating device inspection section and roll winders (circumferential winders) with and without core, for fully-automatic operation.

Coating Machines

Multi-purpose coating technology by using different coating modules in one coating machine, employing OLBRICH cartridge technology.

Working width: 300 mm to 3.500 mm
Speed (mech.): 1 m / min - 800 m / min
Coating agents: Dispersions, solvent systems, hot melt and 100 % (UV) systems
Application weights: Dependent on the product requirements
Coating process: Gravure roller coating units - direct, indirect reverse gravure with pressure chamber doctor slot die coating, curtain coating stripe and pattern coating Mayerbar (rolling bar) furnishing roller application units, kiss coaters screen coating roll coaters, reverse roll coaters 5-roller application units comma bar (with deflection compensation "Mycrocoat")
Accessories: Temperature controlled applicaton rollers compound / adhesive feeding systems Clean room and explosion protection cabins Close-loop control between thickness measuring and coating unit

Drying Technology

Working width: 300 mm to 3.500 mm
Coating agents: dispersions, solvent systems
  • Nozzle-type recirculating air drier with internal or external recirculation air ducts, Drier for clean room operation and/or to FDA standard
  • Parallel lift bar via spindle lifting gears
  • Optimum accessibility to the recirculating air ducts as well as to the heat exchanger
  • Heat exchanger at the suction side of the air fan for optimum uniform temperature distribution
  • Nozzle air outlet speed: up to 30 m / s, Uniform distribution of temperature +/-1° K
  • Adjustable heat supply by Olbrich TP upper air nozzle
  • If necessary, conditioned fresh air, upstream recirculating air filter
  • Concepts for exhaust air heat recovery
  • Available with low-friction rollers (<10g)


  • Upper and lower air drier if need be with separate temperature adjustment
  • Recirculated air drier with external recirculating air ducts
  • Olbrich CTS lower air nozzle and Olbrich TP upper air nozzle
  • Floatation drier with speciall Olbrich floatation nozzle technology
  • Clean room and GMP drier
  • Infrared heating field drier, Plate drier
  • Recirculating air cooling zones with external recirculating air ducts or in-/out operation
Heating of drier: thermal oil, steam, hot water, gas burner, electrical heating
Web transport: via low-friction rollers in the CTS nozzle, driven rollers (direct or indirect), conveyor belt, screen conveyor, floatation drier
Additional equipment: Recirculating air moisture measuring and control surface temperature measuring solvent concentration measuring design as per EN 1539 integrated fire extinguisher system, exhaust air treatment

Remoisting Unit

  • Steam remoistening (single or doubled-sided) via sintered plate
  • Remoistening with water via rotary moisteners or roller moisteners

Laminating Stations / Delaminating Stations

  • With temperature controlled and cooled rollers, flexible design according to product requirements
  • presssure rollers, rubber-covered and driven, adjustable laminating point, adjustable laminating pressure
  • Driven and adjustable web transport rollers for low web tensions

Material Web Guiding and Web Tension Control

  • High-quality drive technology and web tension measuring
  • Use of pneumatic or motorised pendulum web tension control, high-resolution web tension measuring
  • web transport by sprecial coated vacuum tensioning rollers
  • web transport via vacuum suction table with driven coated transport rollers

Drive and Automation Technology

  • Design and layout of the drive and control technology
  • Design and build of the electrical control cabinets giving optimum matching of mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Process automation with comprehensive process visualisation (recipe control, product data determination, evaluation and export)
  • Modernisation of existing obsolete drive and control technology (line and single machine retrofit)

Service and Inspection through to Line and Machine Maintenance

  • Systems for remote diagnosis and for online service with comprehensive process data recording and WLAN camera systems
  • Organisation and execution of repair and maintenance services by the service department
  • Service and maintenance contracts for sustainable maintained productivity